Image of a bee
Image of a bee


Introducing Stacey Bee, a pop starlet fresh off the boat rocking her debut single G.R.L.P.W.R online. Stacey has since released two further singles, Fotoshop and Bad Dancing respectively.

The 18-year old South African born Brit has been performing since the age of three and is currently attending the world-renowned Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. Now amidst her A Level studies, Stacey Bee is launching her pop career.

Inspired heavily by artists such as Britney Spears and Spice Girls, Stacey brings 90’s pop influences together with her own unique modern twist. A guitar infused pop song that perfectly blends chilled acoustic tones with attitude and sass, G.R.L.P.W.R is an ode to female solidarity.


G.R.L P.W.R is Stacey Bee's debut independent single release

Fotoshop is Stacey Bee's second independent single release

Bad Dancing is Stacey Bee's third independent single release





'Bad Dancing'

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